Unsolicited offers to buy your home may be made through emails, letters, postcards, or even calls and text messages. But why exactly do people make such offers and what should you do about them?

If you live in a neighborhood that is popular or ripe for development, chances are that you have received offers from people who would like to buy your property.

While such offers are normal when you have already listed your home for sale, they can be quite confusing in cases where you haven’t even thought of selling your property. 

Unsolicited offers to buy your home may be made through emails, letters, postcards, or even calls and text messages. But why exactly do people make such offers and what should you do about them?

Why Are You Receiving Unsolicited Offers To Buy Your Home?

It is not possible to read the mind of everyone making unsolicited offers on your house. However, most people making such offers are just trying to buy cheap and make profits selling at a higher price.

This is why homeowners in hot real estate markets, such as Caldwell, Idaho, are more likely to receive these offers than those living in areas where cheaper houses are easier to come by.

Instead of following the normal buying process, people making unsolicited offers simply try to fish for desperate situations. If you decide to contact them, they will likely come to your house with a cash offer that can be hard to reject.

However, you have to be cautious because the offer may be up to 20 percent less than the actual market value of your property.

How You Should Handle Unsolicited Offers To Buy Your House

When it comes to dealing with unsolicited offers to buy your house, it all depends on whether you are willing to sell your house and move to another place. If you do not want to move, then you should simply reject the offer and move on with your life.

In some cases, the buyer may attempt to bully you into acquiescing, but if you are not willing to sell your house at any price in the world, then you should stand your ground.

On the other hand, if you are ready and willing to sell your house, then you may take the unsolicited offer as an opportunity to sell. However, you should avoid handling the deal on your own. You will need to work with a reliable  Realtor who will help you to determine the current fair market value of your property and effectively negotiate on your behalf.

The Realtor will also be in a better position to understand what the buyer wants to do with your house, and this information is going to be quite useful in the negotiation process.

For instance, if the buyer is an investor who is planning to demolish your old home and construct a high-rise apartment building, you can negotiate for a price above the current market value.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, receiving unsolicited offers to buy your home is quite a common occurrence, especially if you are a homeowner in a hot real estate market or if your neighborhood is ripe for development.

While such offers may provide you with the opportunity to sell your property, you have to approach them with caution. A lot of them are usually from people planning to buy your house cheap, make a few improvements, and find buyers who can pay top dollar for it. As such, it is wise for you to treat such offers with the contempt they deserve.

If you would like to sell your property in Idaho, there isn’t any reason why you should accept anything less than what your house is worth since the local real estate market is doing well.

Hiring a reliable real estate professional, such as George Tallabas will go a long way in ensuring that you get the most from the deal.

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