Idaho retirement does not mean you are retiring to the rocking chair on the porch.  Retirees today are not content to sit by and just watch the world go by as the live out the rest of their lives.  Rather, more retirees are young, vibrant individuals with a lot of living left to do and energy to it.  Many are looking not to retire, but to “refire” and the Boise area has a lot to offer those who are “refiring”.

Boise is near the edge of The River of No Return Wilderness Area in southwest Idaho.  For retirees seeking a beautiful city that has a number of recreational opportunities, Boise is an wonderful location.  The Boise River runs through the center of town and is lined by a 25-mile greenbelt offering walking and bicycling paths.  Boise’s bustling downtown near the greenbelt and offers several shops, restaurants and a new convention center.

For many Boise retirees, the opportunities for fishing, camping and golfing are among the primary attractions of the area.  Boise has several golf courses, excellent fishing in the nearby mountain streams, and plenty of hiking trails in and around the city.  The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) organizes all kinds of volunteer activities for seniors like tutoring students or working in museums.

Boise, ID has been ranked 8th out of 100 best places to live.  Out of a population of 193,000, well over 55,000 are over age 50, representing more than 27% of the population growth.  While there is not retirement tax break from the state of Idaho, it does have below average property taxes, and a reasonable sales tax rate. Boise offers very affordable housing, so housing costs in the area are a big plus for retirees as well.  Many people are pleasantly finding they can affordmore house for their retirement dollars.

Other attractive qualities that Boise has to offer people who are retiring in Idaho are a lower crime rate, better air quality, plenty of activities to enjoy.  There are over 800 restaurants serving just about any cuisine your pallet can crave, plenty of golfing on over 20 public courses, bars, museums, libraries, and movie theaters within thirty miles of Boise.  Skiing is available with 100 miles of Boise and there are six resorts to serve you.  There are also plenty of medical facilities, with 28 hospitals and 318 doctors’ offices within the same area.

The Morrison Center located on the Boise State University grounds is landmark and popular performing arts center. The superb acoustics of the center attracts Boise State University Music and Theatre, The Boise Philharmonic Association, Ballet Idaho and Opera Idaho.  My fondest memories of the center is the annul “Nutcracker” performed every winter near Christmas time.

In 2005 had Boise moved to the number one place to retire in America.  One couple said they retired to Eagle, ID eight years ago and love it.  Eagle is in the Boise Valley just a few miles from Boise.  The reason this couple gave for making their retirement home in the area, after living their whole lives on the East Coast, was that they had visited the area on vacations and were thrilled by the lifestyle they observed here.  They say that it is the first place they have lived that really has a sense of community.  Additionally, they remark that people who are retiring in Idaho are offered great recreation and nice weather and four seasons — but not just seasons, nice seasons!