Caldwell is a small but the first major city that boasts of magnificence as one enters the western Treasure Valley. It is a small community full of happy, friendly, and very sincere people. Having lived and experienced the awesomeness of Caldwell for a while, the following are five things I love about the city.

The People

With just a population of 46,000, Caldwell is a small city. However, you will meet some of the friendliest and sincere people in this community. Being a small community, people know each other, cooperate, and are patient with each other. The level of patience and warmness among the Caldwell people is reflected in the restaurants, traffic, sidewalks, public spaces, practically every corner of the city.

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The Economy

The economy plays a critical role in the growth and overall prosperity of a city. The City of Caldwell has impressive economic growth which is essential to the access of goods and services, creating wealth for the locals, creating jobs for the residents, and improving the overall wellbeing of the people of the city. For instance, the job market in the previous year increased by 3.5%. The market is believed to expand by 38.4% in the next decade, surpassing the national average of 33.5%.

Tax rates for Caldwell also outperform the national averages. For instance, the sales tax rate is currently 6.8%, which is better than the national average of 7.3%. The city does not report the income tax rate, which is good news for the people since the national average currently stands at 4.6%.

Some of the major United States corporations that drive both the local and national economies are situated or have operational bases in Caldwell. Some of them include Amazon, Micron Technology, Wells Fargo, Deloitte, McDonald’s, The Home Depot, IBM, HP Inc., AT&T, Walmart, West Valley Medical Center, and several others. Because of these corporations, the economy of the city is improved thereby seeing better infrastructure, improved living standards, more jobs, and economic fortification.

The Topography

Caldwell sits in the Treasure Valley and is surrounded by Boise, Weiser, and Owyhee Mountain ranges. It is also characterized by hot springs, making it one of the most attractive small cities in Idaho.

Because of its immense topographical beauty, Caldwell is loved by outdoor fanatics and nature enthusiasts. This includes people who enjoy river skiing, hiking, rockhounding, trail riding and so much more. The hot springs are particularly perfect for relieving sore muscles after a full day of exploring the city’s nature.

Plenty of Water

Historically, Caldwell has a solid foundation in an agricultural-based economy that dates back to the pre-historic days. The agricultural economy is attributed to the water bodies that were used to construct waterways and irrigation canals throughout Canyon County.

Today, water bodies such as Lake Lowell, Snake River, and Indian Creek running through the city can be used for recreational purposes, commercial businesses, but also remain magnificently attractive sites for visitors.

A Good Education

The education system in Caldwell is worth-praising. Not many small cities across the United States have as many reputable learning institutions at every level of learning as Caldwell.

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Some of the major schools in the city include Thomas Jefferson Charter School, Caldwell University, Canyon College, Elevate Academy, Treasure Valley Community College, The College of Idaho, and the Heritage Community Charter School among several recognized and respected schools. As such, every year, Caldwell contributes to the number of professors, leaders, and other prominent people the United States produces every year.

Despite Caldwell’s small size, the city has much to offer. It’s a great city to call home, work or do business. If you are looking to relocate, Caldwell is definitely an excellent option.

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