Caldwell is situated about a half-hour west of Boise, giving its residents access to a big city while still offering a small-town feel. Caldwell also offers some great schools.

Caldwell is situated about a half-hour west of Boise, giving its residents access to a big city while still offering a small-town feel. Caldwell also offers some great schools.

Thomas Jefferson Charter School

For many Caldwell residents, Thomas Jefferson Charter School is the go-to choice. This K-12 charter school is located a short distance from Hwy 26 near residential neighborhoods for easy access.

Thomas Jefferson Charter School works to create and empower leaders by offering a wide range of educational services. For example, its robotics program gives young minds a chance to get their hands on technology that may shape the future of our world.
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Thomas Jefferson Charter School also has a middle school where the focus shifts to preparing students for the road ahead. Students get to challenge themselves academically and excel through hard work.

During high school, students must complete community and family service each year. This is part of the Thomas Jefferson Charter School’s mission to create empowered leaders with strong moral compasses.

Vision Charter School

Vision Charter School is another popular option for residents of Caldwell, offering a setup similar to Thomas Jefferson Charter School but with a unique twist.

At Vision Charter School, students focus on learning the arts and sciences. An education here includes learning a second language and studying music.
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Vision Charter School also focuses on creating developed leaders with good values. Teachers emphasize the importance of respecting others’ boundaries.

This is a major part of the educational experience at Vision Charter School, and it’s one of the reasons it’s such a popular choice in the area. This is a smaller school where your child can get more one-on-one attention.

Treasure Valley Community College

Treasure Valley Community College, also known as TVCC, is a high-quality choice when it comes to colleges in the area. Many Caldwell residents use TVCC as a starting point to save money on their first two years of college education.

The main campus is located in Ontario, OR. Some of the degrees available at Caldwell Center include an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or Associate of Applied Science degree.
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TVCC Caldwell Center offers courses that require both independent study and online course work, so there are plenty of options for varying needs.

The College of Idaho

The crown jewel of Caldwell is The College of Idaho, which has a beautiful campus that provides an excellent education. Seventy percent of the courses taught at The College of Idaho are taught by full-time faculty, which means you get a quality education.

Since 2014, students from The College of Idaho have had a 100% law school acceptance rate. Further, The College of Idaho has the highest 4-year graduation rate of any Idaho college or university. A strong attraction to the College of Idaho is that the student-faculty ratio is 9:1 and 65.7% of all classes have fewer than 20 students.
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The College of Idaho can further education started at TVCC or Vision Charter School. With a reputation as an impressive liberal arts school, The College of Idaho has produced seven Rhodes Scholars. This a testament to the quality education offered at The College of Idaho.

The newly built Cruzen-Murray Library offers thousands of books, journals, magazines, movies and music, and other resources to students and staff at The College of Idaho. WorldCat Discovery allows you to see what’s available in the library from the comfort of a computer.

This massive collection of easily accessible resources and the modern-day architecture of the building has left many viewers of the Cruzen-Murray Library speechless.

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