BOISE is our capital and one of the fastest growing cities in the nationDiscover Boise and thousands of people relocate to Boise each year. Beautiful parks, resaurants, and bike path border the Boise River which runs through the heart of Boise. Boise is the home to Micron Technology,Albertsons Grocery and a huge Hewlett Packard facility.

NAMPA is one of the fastest growing cities in Idaho. Located only minutes from Boise, Aggressive Nampa is known for it’s progressive pro-growth attitude which has attracted thousands of new residents and business and industry.

CALDWELLl represents a lifestyle many seek. Known for it’s focus on family Caldwell Living has attracted many residents to relocate here from the “Big Cities”. Beautiful Lake Lowell offers summer boating and fishing and is surrounded by the Deeflat National Wildlife Refuge which is world renowned for it’s natural wildlife. Caldwell is the home to the original J.R. Simplot potato processing facility.

EAGLE is the Little City That Can with an “Old Town” charm coupled with exclusive residential developments. It has become the choice of many professionals looking for high-end homes away from the big city life.

MERIDIAN is constantly in the news and is constantly competing with Nampa for the fastest growing Idaho City. Meridian is a bedroom community to Boise and conveniently located close to I-84. It has a long history and is the home to the popular and fun Meridian Speedway which has been offering family entertainment since 1951!

MIDDLETON is one of the best kept “Little Towns” in the west. Middleton has been always known as a close community that has a strong agricultural base and a strong feel of “Community”. The annual 4th of July fireworks is a major event each year drawing visitors from all over the valley.

STAR is one of those towns that if you “Blink Your Eyes You Will Miss It!” But if you do miss it you will have missed a wonderful community. Star takes one back 50+ years and has the flavor of years gone by coupled with some new residential and commercial developments. It’s proximity to the capital of Boise makes it a favorite for many.

HOMEDALE will take you back about 50 years and has it all. Most people know not only their neighbors but most everyone else in the town. Ma and Pa grocery stores, tiny quaint churches and annual 4th of July parades. Homedale is well known for not only for the quality of life but for it’s excellent schools and a close sense of community. Located only 45 + or – minutes from Boise it is a great place to raise a family.


The Creation of an Usurper: A Crash Course

In light of the ever-present confusion presiding over dialectical arguments concerning the origins of the current White House occupant and the resultant political coup currently transpiring in Washington, D.C., I offer an abbreviated summary – supported by several years of research. All of my research on ‘Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.’ is contained in my series of articles titled ‘The Three Stooges go to Washington,’ posted on my web site, published in The Idaho Observer , and appears on thousands of independent and alphabet-agency websites, totally debunks any claims of U.S. citizenship and constitutional eligibility to serve as president of the United States.

3/31/2016 1:14:04 AM
Harvard Business School Appoints New Admissions Director
Losee will succeed Dee Leopold , who has held this position since 2006 and who will remain Program Director for the 2+2 program . The HBS Baker Scholar , graduated in 2008 from the Brigham Young University’s Honors Program, where he earned a BA in international relations summa cum laude.

3/29/2016 9:51:26 AM
Sanders’ health care plan well-intentioned but faulty
Last week I accepted an invitation to serve as an observer at the Democratic caucus in Bonner County, Idaho. Bernie Sanders won by a landslide.

3/26/2016 12:30:00 PM
God Given Unalienable Rights … Yes
I am thankful for the Right of free speech, and the freedom of the press, but am especially thankful to The Idaho Observer for allowing both sides of this ongoing dispute regarding whether we have ‘God Given unalienable Rights’ … or not! I cannot accept the last ‘Response’ as the final word. Previous articles in the I.O. are listed below as reference points: 7-09 ‘RIGHTS’; 10-09 ‘YES, I DID, EMPHATICALLY!’; 12-09 UNALIENABLE RIGHTS VS GRANTED RIGHTS; 1-10 ‘ABOUT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS’ and article 7, dated 2-16-10 ‘RESPONSE’ TO ‘RIGHTS’ by Ralph Kenney, which I want to address.

3/23/2016 10:09:34 PM
Cruz emboldened, but needs a near miracle to catch Trump
The Observer-Reporter is excited to announce new digital offerings, including our new e-Edition apps, available for download in the iTunes & Google Play stores.