George is a great realtor.

Not all realtors are the same, and some will work harder for you than others. We had George help us list and sell our home in Boise, and then bought a new house out in Marsing. He was great, did all the things that a good realtor should, but one thing that really set him apart and made me glad that we went with him is the fact that he showed up to both of the closing appointments. He’s a busy guy and is constantly working with people and helping others, no matter what time or day it is, but he made sure to be there for both closings just in case. My dad always said that if you find a realtor that shows up to the closing, then you found a great realtor. In my experience that couldn’t be truer, and George is a great realtor.

Justin Stephens

He is the best Idaho real estate agent there is hands down.

I started working with George Tallabas in 1991 to purchase and resell “flip” residential homes. It didn’t take long for me to discover that whatever George told me I could take to the bank. As of the writing of this testimonial I have now purchased and sold 87 homes using George exclusively and I have told everyone that George is the best Idaho real estate agent there is.  I have gone out of the country before and I signed over blank power of attorneys to George. I did this in case anything ever happened to me and also in case George found a property he knows I would be interested in he could buy it for me. I simply trust George this much and I have no doubt he has always had my best interest at heart.

Aside from using George on 87 transactions and counting to date I have referred numerous friends and family members to him and he has treated them all with respect and helped each and every one of them purchase or sell a home. George is a tremendously successful agent but you would never know it by being around him and talking to him. He is as down to earth and real as they come and this is saying a lot for a real estate agent

I have had many agents come to me wanting my business but I have told them all that the only reason I will stop using George is if he dies or retires. I have also told George that I love him. No, he and I are not gay, that is simply how much I respect him and how valuable of an agent and friend he is. He is the best Idaho real estate agent and friend there is hands down.

James L. Taylor