I wish the real estate profession had more George Tallabas's

In talking to a long-distance friend I mentioned my desire to buy a home in Idaho. He immediately referred me to George Tallabas in the Boise area and within a day I was talking to George regarding possibilities, wish list and potential travel dates to begin scouting houses in McCall Idaho.

I had a sense of what I wanted but was open to other possibilities, so we went from bare land to houses with a little land, to land with smaller houses and everything in between.

George’s ability to understand my confusion was always greeted with a smile and more options for me to look at. After 3 months of constant emails, multiple out of state visits, getting lost with poor agent MLS directions to some of the areas and many lattes…I narrowed the search down to two houses, both at opposite side of the price point and remodeling needs.

The commission differential was large, yet George never tried to convince me to buy the higher priced house. His comment was always the same “I just want you to be happy”….WOW!!!

George’s ability to research information and to answer all my questions gave me such a comfort. Out of state buyers need to be aware of the new rules to avoid surprises. I surely would have made a lot of mistakes without George’s guidance. He is extremely professional, on time with answers, reachable, and his only goal is to match the buyer with thier dream home.

I wish the real estate profession had more George Tallabas’s – It would make it easier for all of us.

Maria P.

My new home

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