George is extremely professional, patient, reachable.

I have known George Tallabas for a couple of decades now, having first met in the Planning & Zoning office I worked at while in Caldwell. I was impressed by his inquisitive nature (many Realtors I had met where unfriendly or unconcerned), and the thoroughness in which he investigated his property listings. Years later after a divorce I was ready to try house hunting alone. I contacted George who quizzed me about my priorities, interests, budget, possible locations, and overall the items I knew I could not live without in a home.

The first few days were spent on viewing many homes which had some of my requests but were not “the one” for me. He patiently went through many MLS listings again and came up with two beautiful homes in south Nampa. The first one seamed fine but when I hesitated George suggested we move on to the other listing. He was right! – the second home that day was the deal for me! It had multiple windows and beautiful lighting, spacious, a gorgeous master and walk-in closet, alone with many other features I considered my priorities in a home.

As I exclaimed that this was the home for me George was very prompt to take on the next steps and walk me through the process. It was seamless and he answered all my questions as we moved on to closing where he was present. I have appreciated him ever since and although I moved out of state I sold my home to my son.

Last year, 2017 when a second home we were familiar with through a friend became available my friend George was my first call. He was immediately willing to write an offer (on a weekend on a property in Cascade that was not even his market area). It took only four days to hear back that the offer my new husband and I made was accepted! Timing was only because of the McCall Realtor. George once again assisted through the process and was present for closing in Cascade. We also asked him for the name of an agent in Vancouver, WA to which he immediately responded.

George is extremely professional, patient, reachable, on time with answers, holds a pleasant attitude, very strong work ethic, and his goal is client satisfaction to ensure the buyer ends up with the right home or seller is treated well. My husband and I have now purchased 3 times with George’s assistance and I am more than satisfied. He is the professional Realtor that everyone deserves (few exist). He will always be the professional Realtor I consult with and refer to graciously and studiously and he stands out proudly. Great job George!

Joan J.M.

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