The easiest this real estate process has been

My husband and I are first time home buyers so we’re very new to all of this. We had two previous lenders that dropped the ball on us leaving us frustrated and with a lower credit score having been pulled twice.

I emailed George Tallabas late at night after seeing a page on his website for first time home buyers and he responded to my email right away even though it was 9 something pm. A few min after we got off the phone George had a lender contact me that was in my area and helped me to complete the application that next day. She got us pre-approved in a few hours and the day after that, I had a realtor call me that George lined me up with since George did not work the area we wanted to buy in. George has been awesome! The realtor thought George must be an old friend or something with how good of care he was providing us and making sure we were taken care of.

So far this is the easiest this process has been, I truly appreciate the great customer service and would highly recommend George Tallabas!

Jessica Jensen

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